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Special Event No-Wake Zone                                    
The Milwaukee Harbormaster has declared that a Slow No-Wake zone shall be in effect and will
be enforced in the Outer Harbor for 2 hours before and 2 hours after special events fireworks.
This will help eliminate dangerous situation caused by boaters racing back to the launching
ramps after fireworks events.
Click here for the Notice to Mariners flyer.
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary "Float Plans" should be left with someone on shore. Fill one out
whether your trip is short or long. The Float Plan also includes instructions for those on shore who
may become concerned. The form is  available by clicking on the following link:
USCG Float Plan
"EPIRB" stands for Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon. When activated these
devices will send your position information via satellite to the USCG. EPIRB's cost around $500 to
$900 but can be rented from BOATU.S. for $40 a week plus shipping to your house. Visit the link to EPIRB for more details.
Information on Milwaukee Bridge Operations and announcements about special hours during
summer events can be viewed at the following link:
Milwaukee Bridge Operations
Conservation Warden for Milwaukee County. Warden David Oginski can be reached by clicking on
the following link:
Wisconsin DNR Warden
The U.S. Coast Guard District Nine "Local Notice to Mariners(LNM)" can be accessed by clicking
on the following link:
District 9 LNM
The U.S. Coast Guard rules of navigation requires that every boat on navigable waters must,
in addition to the Captain, keep a lookout posted at all times.
Click here to read an article
from Gene Schnagl why it's so important to not be alone in your boat.
MBC member Todd Weiler submitted these two photos of how the infamous "Texas Rock" looks
in November 2007. Due to the extremely low water levels in Lake Michigan, part of the huge
rock off of Texas Avenue (
south of South Shore Yacht Club) is now exposed.
Texas Rock Wide View          Texas Rock Close-up

Now you can monitor fuel prices around Lake Michigan
on "The Mariner Network" website. Click on the link here:
MBC member Todd Weiler is searching for information surrounding the death of his uncle
during a World War II bombing mission on a B-17 aircraft over Czechoslovakia.
Click here to read updates and see photos of
Todd's search.      
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had an interesting article on Feb 26th about a 101 year old
cement carrier ship that is still operating into Milwaukee. Many of you may have seen it
docked on the Menominee River just up-river from "Barnacle Bud's". Click here on
the link for the article:
Great Lakes Granddad